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First My Bulletin Board:

Click here for the W & M Fall '06 Orientation Program

The new PACLab PC is to be installed this Summer in Swem 2nd and 3rd, Morton 341 (the Electronic Class Room), Rogers, Barrett, and Tyler labs. To see it click here (photo produced by IT's Eric Tedder). The Monitor Screen (same as in Morton Lab) is actually be two inches bigger than as shown; RAM memory 1000 Megabytes. Note how the processor is packed behind the screen, taking no room and leaving lots more work space around the computer; also cables needly flow out the back and down into a hole, avoiding any possible intanglement with the users stuff. Again click here to see it.

A word about portable disk storage in the new PACLab:

(1) The "Diskette" drive is no longer available in the new PAClab, but remains in the other labs during Fall'06 - Spring'07 semester.

(2) In the new lab, we recomment your using the USB Key drive as the major way to tranport files between PACLab and other computers (alternately of course via Web E-Mail).

(3) Although it is now easy to drag and drop files to a Rewritable CD, this method is not reliable; instead we recomment you use Easy CD Creater to save files on your R-W CD (in PACLab click Programs--> Utilities and Miscellaneous--> Easy CD Creater). We also recommend that when you do save on your CD, make it a backup for your disk storage, not a regularly used disk storage area.

Note: Some PACLab scanners tend to let the slide holder in the top of the Scanner cover come through as part of the captured image (showing up as a dim "T" like image in the background -- fairly noticeable in, for example, Swem 2nd and 3rd Labs); this can easily be avoid by simply putting a blank sheet of paper between the slide holder and the source to be scanned.

Now Come the Documents:

How to Lose Stuff in PACLab/ How to Recover (if possible)

Some Tips for Using SPSS

My PACLab Tips Document

How Mail Hurdle Works (Mail Hurdle is the new W & M spam protection software going into affect Jan. 9)

How to Connect to Other Lab Printers (for connecting to a Lab Printer from a Lab Station). For how to connect to Other Lab Printers from Your Laptop go to MyNotebook Support and click on Printing On Campus Using myNotebook.

PACLabs Front Page

Printing in the Labs (From PACLabs Front Page) (Correction to the Note under Deleting/Cancelling a Print Job: a deleted/cancelled job is not charged; only the pages that actually print are charged; so there is actually a partial charge for a cancelled job as this takes place while the job is printing; this includes the pages that print after pressing the Cancel button as there is a delay of 2 to 3 pages before the printing actually stops.)

Recovering UnSaved/Miss Saved Microsoft Office Documents in the Labs

Netstore ("H:" drive storage) Document

How to drag a file to a R-W CD in the Labs

Printing in Swem IC Sometimes Defaults to Cute PDF

Protecting the Composer Message in the MyWM Web Mailer

For My One Page Scanner Document click here.

For My Complete Scanner Document click here.

Safe Computing for Students, Faculty, and Staff

myNotebook Documents ("my" part of the name, not mine)

myNotebook Computer Requirement at W & M

myNotebook Lap Top Pilot Study
myNotebook Support


On-Line Dictionary

*** End of Material Particularly of Interest to Swem

Stats UNIX Documents

User's Guide to UNIX Stats at William and Mary
An Introduction to Stats UNIX Cmds at William and Mary
Stats  UNIX Selected Cmd Summary at William and Mary

My Bookmarks

My Bookmarks


PACLabs WEB Site

A Digest of the Links on PACLAB's WEB Site Listed Below:

My Introductions to Two Statistical Packages

Introduction to SPSS/Windows Version 10.0
SAS/Windows, Version 9
Selected Swem Library's WEB Documents

Connecting Your Personal Laptop to a Swem Printer Note: this WEB page has a neat way to automatically connect your laptop to a Swem printer; however, altough it might look like  a neat way to also do it on a lab workstation it will not because those PCs are inhibited (not by design) from the auto connect.
Library Laptops


My Unreleased "Information Commons Description"
Now upon entering the Swem Library, you see immediately before you, the Information Commons PACLAB, supported jointly by IT and Swem; click 
picture to see it.  Here over 50   PACLAB desktops  are distributed on very nice, spacious work tables with screens; two Scanner stations plus  4 HP Laser  printers are included; the printers can  print front and back. These PCs have the new XP Windows PACLAB system. These computers are Dell Optiplex GX260/270's  with Pentium 4 processorssound cards, speakers, and rewitable  CDROMs drives; these workstatons fully support USB Memory  Keys.).

My Unreleased Tips for Using MyWM Web Mailer

A Tip for Resending Sent Mail To resend, copy the sent message to Draft (assuming its already in "sent-Mail") and open from there; voila! You are in the "Composer" with your sent message and can edit/send from there.

Tips for Guarding Against Losing your Composer Message If you open the "Composer" frame in "myWM" and type a message, your "Composer" session is lost if you click on a another item in the list on the left of the "myWM" window; this means you lose everything you have typed. Even worse there are unknown keys that you can type and then "Whoose!" its gone totally unpredictable. To protect against this we suggest the following procedures ranked from the safest/most convenient to the least: (1) Open the Composer and then create the message in a Microsoft Word, save, then copy/paste into the "Composer", etc.  Even here if you lose your "Composer" before mailing, you have your message saved to recover in another "Composer". Also using Microsoft Word to make the message gives you a better speller. (2) Create the message in "Composer", copy/paste into MicrosoftWord (once in awhile) -- can easily save the pasted document too, saving the "Composer" not all that easy -- see (3) below. (3) Click "Save Draft" to save, redeem by opening the "Draft" folder (click Folders, then raft); then click on Date until the most recent drafts are at the top; then click the top message to reopen in the Composer (this is a lot of fuss the 1st time, but it streamlines from here on). Continue with the  message development and  when ready to protect, save the draft; the Draft Window listing the drafts will remain open and all you do is press Ctrl-R to refresh it  and then click the top message to resume; again edit the message, save draft, Ctrl-R, then reopen, etc. The top message in the Draft listing is the latest (while multiple copies develop, one for each save). Note: this approach will work only with the most updated browsers -- for example, IE on the lab PCs in Swem; otherwise you get kicked out of MyWm when you try to refresh Draft and have to log back into the Web Mailer). (4) Fastest/Most Convenient but not safest: hit Ctrl-A then
Ctrl-C to copy all into the Clipboard (once in awhile), but
don't do another copy while composing, etc.

Printing in Swem IC Sometimes Defaults to Cute PDF, No Printing Available

Sometimes when you log into a station in Swem IC Lab (or any other lab for that manner), the printer defaults to the CutePDF (meaning when you print, you by default actually send the print image to a PDF file and are unable send it to any Lab printer); this is usually because you have not paid up your IT bill , it's status via the IT Web site "". This is rarely the result of the login failing to connect you to the Swem IC printer when your IT bill is in good standing.

Bob Dawson,
Volunteer Technology Support
Information Technology at the
College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA 23187
Jones Hall 7; Phone (757) 221-HELP